Sunday, 29 June 2014


I went on a residential weekend in Wales with the online school that I go to. The event was called Interhigh Weekend and the idea was to take part in producing a show. I could choose whether I wanted to perform, work in stage management, technical or in the wardrobe department. I decided to work in wardrobe, which I really enjoyed. Here is a list of the different activities I got involved in:

- Costume design - I designed my own 'fairy tale'outfit
- Mask making
- Make-up and face painting
- Sewing - I created a mini version of my design as well as a pin cushion
- I also was lucky enough to visit the costume department of a local theatre.



  1. What a great weekend Libby, that sounds like so much fun. I really like the costume that you have created, and your face make up looks fantastic. It is a great way to get an alround understanding of theatre both on stage and behind the scenes. Great well done Libby :o)

  2. Is that you Libby, if so great make-up. This has obviously appealed to you creative side which you have clearly embraced. A great way of learning about stage and theatre from all angles.