Sunday, 29 June 2014


A famous graphic designer I have found out about is Paula Sher.

Why I chose to find out about Paula Sher?

Because my mum suggested she'd be an interesting arts heroine.

What type of research I did to find out about her?

I read information on wiki and I looked at a few pictures of her work.

What was the most interesting thing I learned about Paul Sher?

I was interested to find out that she designed album covers for musicians.

Where is she from?

Virginia, USA

How did she become a graphic designer?

She studied at Tyler School of Art, and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She then worked at a few companies including a record company where she created hundreds of album covers, for example:

She then set up her own agency called Koppel & Scher and then became Creative Director at Esquire magazine. She now spends a lot of time teaching about graphic design.

What do I think about her career path?

It is interesting that she had lots of different types of jobs.

What work is she famous for?

Her most famous works include using text in an unusual way like in these posters. She is also famous for designing the Microsoft Windows 8 logo.

What do I like about Paula Sher's work?
I like the way she uses text to create posters that are cool.
What influence does Paula Sher's career and work have on me?
I think it is good that she has been successful in her career and has come up with some original ideas. It is good because she is a woman and it is sometimes harder for women to reach the top. I am not sure whether her work will influence me or not. 

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  1. I really like Paula's use of typography in the As You Like It poster and Mary Poppins, this is a great strat to part C, I will email you some guidance on how to develop it ready for assessment. Well done Libby :o)