Sunday, 29 June 2014


We have been very busy over the last 8 months making a garden to show at the Royal Horticultural Show Spring Garden festival in Malvern. I worked with a group of 24 other home educated children, but unfortunately I was the oldest haha! The theme we had to work with was "A Great Moment in History". We decided to choose "The Invention of the Wheel". We decided to make our garden a circle shape with different sections that would be different colours of the colour wheel. In each section we put different things that represent how the wheel has been used. I enjoyed using different coloured plants to make a colour wheel collage.

The other kids made some clay discs and I helped paint and varnish them. We then hung them on metal trellis in the garden.


We also did some weaving using old bicycle wheels and scraps from the Worcester Resource Exchange. I helped to make a large dung beetle out of garden wire and fabric from the scrap store. I liked weaving with natural materials such as willow. I created some willow fences and helped to make a giant "dung ball". The dung ball and beetle were supposed to represent the moment in history when humans got the idea of the wheel from watching dung beetles rolling around their dung balls.


We also did some painting, including splatting some tyres and painting a wagon wheel like a colour wheel.

 You can find out more about the garden on our blog:

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  1. This is such a fantastic project Libby that you were all so lucky to take part in, you must have felt so proud of all of your hard work and creativity, I love your dung beetle he looks great, was it difficult to make? which was your favourite part of the project? do you think you would do this kind of project again? It all looks fantastic Libby well done :o)