Sunday, 29 June 2014


I have recently become interested in the idea of learning more about graphic design. I have really got into making video and photo edits and enjoy being able to make cool designs using different effects. I thought it would be a good to find out more about graphic design and graphic designers.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is using text and pictures to create ads, posters, magazines etc.

What sort of things do graphic designers design?

Book covers
Leaflets and magazines

What kind of companies do they work for?

Big companies might have their own in-house design department. Other graphic designers work for a graphic design agency. Some work for printers. It's also possible to be self employed, this is called freelance.

What tools do graphic designers use?

Computers - lots of different software such as, Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator etc.

They also just use pencils and pens.

How do you train to be a graphic designer?

You can get a graphics GCSE, you could then have an apprenticeship or do a graphic design degree, or combine the two.

Who are the most famous graphic designers?

Matthew Carter - designed typefaces which we commonly use such as Helvtica, Verdana, Tahoma, Georgia
David Carson

Stefan Sagmeister
Milton Glaser - I love New York logo


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