Sunday, 29 June 2014


I'm obsessed about the band Little Mix and have been to see them perform a few times. I have drawn lots of pictures for them in a fan book I have been working on for nearly a year. I also actually met them in Liverpool in May and I got them to sign my fan book. I also did some drawings of the four band members, to give to them as presents as well as some homemade dream catchers. Leigh said I was very good at drawing and thought it was amazing!
I decided to do a painting of one of the band members. I chose a picture to work from which had some very bold colours. I sketched out the outline by scaling the picture up using the grid method. I then used acrylic paints to complete the picture. I found the skin tones quite difficult and had to spend a bit of time mixing the right colours. I looked for advice on the Internet and from my Mum.

I posted my finished picture on my Twitter account and got lots of nice feedback from other mixers (what Little Mix fans are called). I even got a tweet from Perries' Mum!


  1. Libby this is a lovely painting, well done! skin tones can be tricky to get right but you have done it brilliantly. It is great that you got such lovely feedback on twitter and a tweet from Perrie's Mum. Are you working on any more portraits?

  2. I think you have done a great job matching the hair colour here. Libby. You should try portraits of friends and family, they would love them as presents!

  3. Comment from Amanda sent by email on 1 August 2014:

    As you might imagine I have no idea what these band members look like but the i can see your portrait has depth.
    You can see the texture and thickness of her hair and the sheen on her lips.
    I think it shows that you chose a topic that you are passionate about.
    You have done her justice.

  4. Your best work to date. I look forward to seeing the painting, it has captured Perrie's look. You must be very proud of this work.