Monday, 10 June 2013


For a birthday treat me, mummy and daddy went to Manchester on the train. Because we had time to spare we went to Manchester art gallery. We only had a quick wander through, but I still noticed some nice pictures and sculptures.

The main part of the day was the BBC tour. We started of in the BBC breakfeast. It was a surprise to realise the 'window' isn't actually a window, instead a pre-recorded view of MediaCity. There was an interactive room where you can be on fake BBC breakfeast or question of sport. Mummy was on BBC breakfeast, and daddy was on question of sport. Mummy had to read from a screen on a camera that showed her what she had to say. We also went to the radio 6 studio. They had a left and right control pad for people that were left handed and right handed. My favourite part was the blue peter/ DNN (CBBC show) studio. I recognised the props from TV. If you looked up you could see the hundreds of cameras and lights. It looked cool.

The day on a whole was perfect!!


  1. What a treat Libby, sounds like you had a great day it must be really interesting to see the sets from programs that you watch on TV. Was it very different from how you imagined it when watching TV?

  2. It was a little bit. I suppose cos I dont really watch the programmes (apart from DNN and Blue Peter) that we saw, it was harder to contrast between what it is like on tv and what it was like there. Although the sets did look completely different with all the equiptment.