Friday, 21 June 2013


Just remembered something........ in the last couple of weeks we went to croome park. The first time I drew a picture of the house, the field in front, the trees, the pond and using artistic license I moved the Malvern hills over a bit! The second time we used view finders, (lovingly made by mummy) to find sections of the orangery we liked. I did three, one with patterns and the two others quick sketches of the building itself. Afterwards I also added shadows! For fun while Emma was playing I drew the church, using artistic license to make it more colourful!!



  1. Hi Libby, that sounds like a lovely day out! it would be great to see some of your drawings do you think you could scan them in and add them here on your blog, if not you could take photos of the an add them. View finders are a great tool when you are drawing outside as sometimes you can see so much it is hard to know where to start. Well done.

  2. That's great now you have added the pictures, I really like your viewfinder sketches and your church window is lovely and colourful. Maybe you could use your sketches as inspiration for some more watercolour paintings. The building itself isn't very colourful but there is a lot of light and shade in your viewfinder photos, so it would be good practise for creating light and shade using watercolours.