Thursday, 20 June 2013


Me, mummy and Emma, after mummy had been to a dentist in Birmingham, caught the bus to the gallery. It was very fun. I enjoyed looking at the landscapes rather then the potrairs. The people in the portraits always look sad. I want art to make me happy. I also liked the foreign pictures like an Egyptian garden. I didn't like the modern art. It is to creepy and abstract. When I get older I might like it, but at the moment I like the more historical things. Some modern art sculptures; especially of people I don't like, but some more like the stuff that would be in a house I quite like. Here are my favourite things I saw:

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  1. It is really interesting to see that everyone has such a different opinion on art when you visit a gallery, I remember taking my children to Tate Modern a few years ago and everything I loved, they hated! I think many young people your age seem to prefer art that is more realistic and not really like art that is more abstract. Even adults have very different opinions on arts too, but it is a good opportunity to talk about different artforms and to find out why people like the art that they do, and why they don't like other artwork.