Friday, 21 June 2013


Me and Emma have started a choir, but don't imagine boring hymns or whatever. We actually do old and new pop songs. For example we have recently finished walking on sunshine by Katrina and the waves. We were doing the middle part, but next time we can choose whether we do the high or low. I am mostly looking forward to doing Emelie Sande wonder and Christina Agliera Candy man. I go with my friend Allana. We are going to do a christmas concert at a fayre in December!


  1. This sounds like fun Libby, it is great to be part of a choir, and it sounds like you are doing the kind of songs that you like. Make sure you get lots of photos when you perform, you could maybe even upload a recording of your choir singing, ask you teacher first if that would be ok.

    1. I am doing a halloween concert, and my mum will be there, so she will probably record us then. We are now singing a thousand years (from twilight) and when I grow up from Matilda the musical. Me and Emma have got a duet in when I grow up.