Friday, 21 June 2013


Since the end of April I have been doing a drama group at the playbox theatre, Warwick. It is a home ed group and I have really enjoyed it. We did these things:

  • Battles - We were either being defated, where we had to look scared, or we were attacking, where we had to act violent. We used music to create a sort of dance. That was the only sound. It was slow motion, which created a dramatic effect.
  • We used our bodys to describe colours. For example for red I put an angry facial expression, and for blue I looked like I was mourning something.
  • We did arguments. When we were doing it in pairs I was a bit nervous, but when in a group I really acted angry and they even listened to my idea! Stacey, the instructor was really impressed.
  • Most of all I enjoyed the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. I loved being the main characters, even though we didn't use words. I even enjoyed being turrets and wardrobes!
We also did some other things. I really enjoyed doing it, and I learnt you don't need to talk when acting for a story to be told.


  1. It sounds as though you are really enjoying Playbox Libby, it is really interesting learning different performance techniques like acting without talking and acting the props around a performance.I think drama is a great confidence builder and a great art form to be involved in. You could keep adding to your blog entry each time you go and let us know more about what you are learning and how your skills are developing at the group.

  2. Unforunatley I have stopped drama, because it is to far for us to travel, but I enjoyed it while it lasted!