Thursday, 23 May 2013


Towards the end of may, me, mummy and Emma went to Cheltenham to see James and the giant peach. I really liked the dry ice effect, how it was very versitile - it could be clouds or waves. It was clever how there weren't very many cast at all, in fact about ten, but they still managed to create atmosphere by using bangs, props and also their voices and actions. For example the cast played the musical instruments and sang, while using great facial expressions, so when they were happy they played a happy beat, sang with joy and showed the joy by using their bodies and faces. It also followed the book very nicely, better then the film - Roahl Dahl would have been pleased. All-in-all a great, exciting production.



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  1. This sounds really great Libby, I have seen a few Roahl Dahl performances over the years but never James and the Giant Peach. I like the way that they used music and song throughout the play I should think that was really effective. This counts towards part B of your Bronze award if you still hav your tickets and a flyer it would be great if you included photos of those too. The theatre look lovely I do love visiting the older theatres, it feels as though there is more atmoshpere in them.
    It might be a idea to split up your blog post into the 4 sections of your Arts Award so they can be clearly found during your assessment and my moderation. Then you can add posts to the right sections and see how you are progressing. I will send you links to some of my other students blogs too so you can see. Well done, Libby.