Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Today we practised mixing colours and learned about the colour wheel. Primary colours are red, blue and yellow. Secondary colours are green, orange and purple and are mixed from primary colours. Tertiary colours are mixed from secondary and primary colours.


  1. Well done Libby, you have created some great colour wheels here, it is a really good activity for learning all about colours and how they work together, did you know that the colours opposite each other are called complementary colours? They have a strong contrast and can make your artwork pop! Sometimes you need to do this when you are creating designs in fashion, textiles and graphics. Artists and designers might use complementary or contrasting colour together. Analogous colours are the ones next to each other they can seem more harmonious but these don't always "look" good together, have you ever heard someone say "blue and green must never be seen"? although there are always exceptions and everyone has their own favourite combinations. I think lime green and petrol blue look really nice together, and pink and green is my favourite contrasting combination, what is yours? You could try painting different colour combinations from your colour wheel and see how they look together, and ask other people if they like your combinations.

    1. I know about complementary and contrasting colours. For example, Purple and Orange are horrible together, so they contrast. But lets say purple and pink look good together so they are complementary!